Understand your symptoms

Beyond itching, sneezes and sniffles, allergies can have many symptoms you wouldn’t expect; such as stomach pain, diarrhea or infections. Recognising typical signs of the most common allergies is a prerequisite to get a correct diagnosis, appropriate help and optimal symptom relief. To the left is a list of common allergy symptoms. By limiting the exposure to the relevant triggers (allergens) you can improve your or your child's well-being.

Allergy – or not?

Like many people, you may find it difficult to tell whether your or your child’s symptoms are caused by allergies or not. You also need to remember that a runny or stuffy nose and other symptoms may not be caused by an allergy at all. A number of other factors, such as irritants, infections, injuries, or deformities of the nose, can cause symptoms similar to allergies. To treat the symptoms, you have to understand the real cause behind them, since treatment differs for different conditions. That’s why it’s important to get allergy tested to help your doctor make an appropriate allergy diagnosis.