Clinician Information About ImmunoCAP®

ImmunoCAP blood testing is a valuable tool for pediatricians and other primary care clinicians to help rule in or rule out allergy and consequently improve patient well-being. It is an in vitro quantitative assay that measures allergen-specific IgE.

ImmunoCAP blood test will help you increase the number of correct diagnoses

Case history and physical examination is central in the diagnosis process but may alone lead to uncertain diagnoses.

ImmunoCAP blood test as a complement has been shown to increase the number of correct diagnoses:

  • Decrease in patients with uncertain allergy diagnosis – from ~ 50% to ~10%
  • Increase in patients diagnosed as non-allergic – from ~10% to ~ 50%

Individual allergens add up to symptoms

Identifying the obvious allergen is not always enough e.g. pollen during pollen season:

  • Up to 80% of allergy patients are polysensitised, i.e. allergic to more than one allergen
  • The average primary care patient is sensitised to three and often more allergens

ImmunoCAP blood test will help you identify the relevant allergens so you can give your patient comprehensive allergen avoidance advice and thereby push the patient below the symptom threshold.

Follow-up tests keep track of a changing allergy

Allergy undergoes dynamic changes over time. Regular ImmunoCAP blood testing of relevant inhalant and food allergens provides information as to if and how patient management can be changed:

  • If allergies have been outgrown and if allergen avoidance is no longer needed
  • If new allergies have developed and if new allergen avoidance advice is necessary

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